1938 Chevy Street rod Pictures

Here are pictures of the '38 Chevy that went to a new home to make room for the 1970 GTO.  These pictures show the car in more detail and the first 28 were taken by my friend Cheryl Kaiser of Kaiser Fine Photography, at Lackawanna State Park.  Most were posted in the ad, but not all.  The body had been stripped, then primed and shot with a thin coat of satin black.  As such, the body solder joints as well as every blemish, ding and dent associated with 80 years of life on the road were visible.  I had received many compliments with the car as is, but where the next owner takes the paint / overall appearance is up to them.

Most of the pictures are fairly high resolution, so please be patient as they download.  NOTE: The first 32 pictures are what was posted in the online ad, Pictures 33 through 46 are a standard resolution shots that focus on the patina and such.  All of the pictures can be toggled to full resolution with a mouse click.

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6