1970 Pontiac GTO

After the '38 Chevy went to a new home in Ohio, I started looking for something a bit more modern that rode more comfortably so that Jan and I could cruise long distance in it.  My preferrence was to remain in the GM camp if at all possible.  My search was limited by budget and also what would physically fit in my garage.  So, Big Impalas, Bonnevilles and such were out.  A Monte Carlo or Grand Prix would just fit with inches to spare, making them a possibility.  That left me with a Camaro/Firebird or any of the GM A-bodies, like Chevelle SS, GTO, Buick GS or Olds 442. 

I had my heart set on a 1970-71 Buick GS, but finding good ones with my budget were extremely difficult.  The problem is that good ones command stupid amounts of money so it was a bit of a pipe dream.  I was looking at alternatives when I happened across this 1970 GTO.  It is an older rotisserie restoration from about 2006.  It's rust free and the entire drivetrain had been overhauled.  The steering, brakes and suspension however, had not been touched and were in dire need of service.  With that work done, it's a joy to drive.


Here are some detail shots of the Holley EFI Installation 

  Here is a picture of the bottom of the car before the exhaust, suspension and fuel injection work was done.

  Here are the new set of muflers and tail pipes.